Why is English language assessment important when you are recruiting?

The simple answer is that it can save you lots of money further down the line! Like many things in life you can have a 'scatter gun' approach to your recruiting whereby you attract the maximum number of applicants and hope that enough of them will stick with you to fulfill your staffing requirements. Or you can do the opposite and really target your recruiting drive so that although you may have the same large number of applicants, you very quickly eliminate those who are not likely to make the grade and get rid of them as quickly as possible before they cost you real money.

With the current requirements of the NMC that nurses need an overall score of three 7s and a 6.5 in IELTS or an equivalent score of three Bs and a C+ in OET (Occupational English Test), it is vital that you quickly and accurately assess the level of your nursing recruits to make sure that they stand a realistic chance of achieving the required score in an appropriate time. In this case 'an appropriate time' is something for you to decide (and we can also help you with that!).

At Worcester Medical we have lots of experience in assessing people's English remotely and to date have carried out some 5,000+ assessments. This gives us a data bank from which to compare and measure, so that when you ask us to assess your nurses' English level you know that trained and experienced professionals are working on your behalf. 

Our current Nursemark service goes one step beyond and includes a teacher marked written assignment and iterative placement test - all included in the price. For more information please click the Nursemark link on the top right of this page, or email Sue Johns (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a quick call to explain everything.

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