Our three step IELTS Pathway programme is the perfect way to get your HCAs up and running as quickly as possible without having the expense of having to accommodate them in hospital facilities whilst studying. Being away from the working environment means they can focus entirely on getting through the IELTS exam quickly and with minimum disruption to your schedules.

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1 - Benchmarking Assessment

  • Hospital recruits the nurse and passes the details on to Worcester Medical
  • Nurse takes online 'progressive' multiple choice test
  • Nurse completes online written assignment - marked by Worcester Medical teacher
  • Nurse completes focused interview by phone with report by Worcester Medical teacher

2 - Online Preparation In-Country

  • Nurse enrolled on online programme with introductory Skype session
  • First study block followed by personal Skype tutorial
  • Second study block followed by personal Skype tutorial
  • Final study block followed by IELTS practice test marked by Worcester Medical teacher

3 - Residential Immersion in the UK

  • Nurse enrolled on IELTS Immersion English course
  • Residential immersion programme located in UK
  • Native English homestay accommodation on half-board basis
  • Full-time IELTS preparation and exam practice programme
  • IELTS exam included after initial training period
  • On-going training provided whilst waiting for exam results

IELTS Residential immersion courses come with our guarantee of 'pass first time or come back to study free' - please ask us for details!

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